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Signal Emotion HD-8 Processor

The HD-8 is a versatile car audio processor designed to upgrade any factory audio system. With 6 channels of in-built amplification in its diminutive enclosure, it provides a one-box solution for those seeking to enhance their car stereo, without having to worry about mounting additional amplifiers and the associated cabling. For the enthusiast seeking the best performance, 8 channels of pre-amp outputs are provided.

DSP profiles tuned by professionals specifically for your car model right out of the box. User settings update and share online.

Easy Setup and Use

Professionally Tuned & Named Profiles

The HD-8 includes profiles tuned by professionals specifically for your car model right out of the box. Customized settings can be saved and given any name that is easy to remember. Saved profiles are easily uploaded to the unit and can be shared with other users online.

Easy Plug and Play Installation

Installation harness can be specified on order for your car model. The installation is "plug and play" where the provided cable connects the DSP device to your car's audio panel. This demo video uses a Mercedes Benz car, but the process is similar to other car models.


Easy Control via Mobile App

No complicated control unit or PC software required. The easy to use control application runs right off an iOS or Android mobile device that links to the unit via Bluetooth.

Multiple Setup Configurations

With 6 built-in DSP modes, the HD-8 can be configured to output 5.1CH for car cinema, or a 2 way/3way active high performance stereo setup with independent left and right subwoofer channels.

Speaker Animation

Channel Independent Controls

Each of the 8 channels can be individually adjusted for EQ, Delay, Volume and Phase which allows precise tuning to generate the desired sound-field.


Inputs RCA (2 x L, 2 x R), Speaker Level (FL, FR, RL, RR), Optical Toslink, Bluetooth 4.2
Outputs 8 x RCA, 6 x Amplified Channels
Input Supply Voltage 10 to 16V
Maximum Power for amplified channels 80W/channel
Nominal Power for amplified channels 50W/channel (14.4V, 4ohms, 1% THD)
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) > 88dB
Channel Separation > 75dB
Channel Balance < 0.5dB
DSP Modes 6 built-in
Equalizer (Independent for each channel) 36 bands, 20Hz to 20kHz
Delay (Independent for each channel) 0ms to 10ms (0.01ms adjustments)
Volume Control (Independent for each channel) for level matching -9dB to 9dB (1dB adjustments)